Quality Wreckers Made Affordable!

Craftsmanship You Can Trust

Our team of service techs are the best in the business at rebuilding and repairing every aspect of your wrecker, tip to tow hook.

Affordability Matters

We take older trucks and refresh them to a like new state, satisfying lenders and getting you out the door with a reliable rig for the right price.

Let Us Do the Dirty Work

From getting you back on the road with a truck to working with financiers, Grizzly Wrecker will make the whole process a breeze.


Hear it From Our Customers!

  • Grizzly Wrecker took care of me right from the start. Lee and the crew were so helpful in getting me the truck I needed to get back on the road and keep my business going.

    — John Doe

  • What I loved about Grizzly Wrecker Sales & Service was how they helped me with the financing. What was my biggest hurdle they ended up working out, no sweat. It was so easy and most importantly afforable!

    — John Doe

  • I know that I never have to worry about the quality of work when my truck is in Grizzly's shop. They do a fantastic job with cylinders, rebushing, body work... everything is fixed up buy people who care and know what they're doing.

    — John Doe


Let’s Get You Back On the Road

Get in touch with us today so we can find out how Grizzly Wrecker can best help you!

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