Repair & Service

Repair & Service

Repair & Service

With trip after trip of taking other vehicles to the repair shop, sooner or later your truck will need some TLC of its own. That's where Grizzly Wrecker Sales & Service comes in. From booms to bodies, our crew has bumper-to-bumper expertise to get your wrecker back on the road in perfect working order. If you have any questions about a specific service, give us a call so we can discover how to best help you!

Expert Wrecker Servicing

LogoExpert Wrecker Servicing

Boom Cylinders

Your tow truck's only as good as what it will lift... Grizzly Wrecker has years of experience in expertly servicing and installing new boom cylinders to outfit your rig with everything it needs to keep hauling.

Remote Controls

If your controls are on the fritz or giving you fits, let Grizzly Wrecker take care of it for you. We're well-versed in repairing/replacing all different brands and styles of remotes so you can stay in control of your rig.


Whether you need new boxes with installation or just fiberglass work from top-of-the-line professionals, Grizzly Wrecker is fully equipped to get your truck fully equipped with everything it needs.
General Repair & Maintenance

LogoGeneral Repair & Maintenance


While it's in the shop, there are plenty of other maintenance items we can take care of for you. Brakes, clutch, head gasket, whatever it needs-- Grizzly Wrecker is here to get it done.

Paint Shop

If your truck has been damaged in an accident or just needs general touchup, our Paint Shop is the perfect place to bring your rig back up to snuff and get it looking better than ever.
  • Grizzly Wrecker took care of me right from the start. Lee and the crew were so helpful in getting me the truck I needed to get back on the road and keep my business going.

    — John Doe

  • What I loved about Grizzly Wrecker Sales & Service was how they helped me with the financing. What was my biggest hurdle they ended up working out, no sweat. It was so easy and most importantly afforable!

    — John Doe

  • I know that I never have to worry about the quality of work when my truck is in Grizzly's shop. They do a fantastic job with cylinders, rebushing, body work... everything is fixed up buy people who care and know what they're doing.

    — John Doe